Welcome to the official Andy Booth website; The man who is the inspiration behind Chorus Choirs, Sheffield Pops Orchestra and a whole host of family orientated concerts and shows.

ChorusUK is an exciting group of choirs currently rehearsing in Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield (Liverpool and Nottingham will start in 2017!) and are an integral part of any of Andy's performances. Andy adamantly believes that music is for everyone and so chooses not to hold auditions and welcomes everyone, no matter how (in)experienced, to come and share in the magic.

Along side these singers can be found Sheffield's vibrant and newly formed professional orchestra, The Sheffield Pops. These incredible musicians have been brought together from across the country with most having roots in South Yorkshire. They are almost singular in being able to perform across genres fluidly including classical, jazz, show music and much more.


20 | 09 | 2016

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Performing at the Sheffield City Hall is a feeling like no other. The buzz backstage is electric, and on stage – you have to feel it to believe it. It’s an experience that I could never have had without joining ChorusUK.Laura James
ChorusUK - Sheffield

The great thing about the ChorusUk and their amazing orchestra is that they have enough resources, and a diversity of talent, to bring the public a really tasty smorgasbord of entertainment. This was their best presentation to date.Paul Morris
Audience Member

If you think you can't, you can! If you think you're not at the right level, you will be! Come with open ears and a willingness to be part of something special. You'll leave rehearsals feeling like you've had a break from normal life and like a superstar.Alyosia Carnell
ChorusUK - Sheffield

I joined ChorusUk back in March 2013 and I was hooked straight away. Even the worst of moods are lifted after our rehearsals every Tuesday. I can honestly say it was one of the best things I've ever done.Sue Matthewman
ChorusUK - Sheffield

ChorusUK is an amazing friendly and supportive group of individuals who welcome new singers regardless of ability. Each 12 week term sees us transformed into a dazzling choir for a unique concert performance.Steve Everson
ChorusUK - Sheffield

From a small age singing has always been a fantastic memory for me. ChorusUk is a large choir made up of many characters which will bring a smile to anyone's face. Tuesday's are the day I look forward to and it is amazing.Natalie Graham
ChorusUK - Sheffield

Chorus is now spreading it’s wings from Sheffield over to Manchester. Rehearsals are always great fun with everyone dedicated not only to making a great sound but also to having fun in the process. We're sure that it will be a great success.Trish and Graham Standring
ChorusUK - Manchester

I have always thought Andy Booth was outstanding in his field, and that's where I first met him... out.. stading in ahis field! He has always impressed me with his talent and his work, nothing is too much trouble or too diffictult.Bernie Clifton
Comedian and Ostrich Tamer