Singer Spotlight:

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Name: Aloysia Fotidar

Hello! I'm Aloysia and I have sang in Chorus UK Sheffield for four terms.

*How did you hear about Chorus UK?...* 

I was watching the Glastonbury music festival online in 2014 which inspired me to look for a local live performance to go and see. Previously at Sheffield City Hall I had seen acts like the Buena Vista Social club, waiting at the stage door like a groupie to meet the band, to seeing Jimmy Carr and having the opportunity to tell him my best joke :)

So after scrolling through the adverts online, instead of being attracted to see one of the live acts, I saw a wonderful sounding piece from Chorus UK inviting people like me to try out their choir.

*What was your first experience with Chorus UK?...* 

The welcome at Chorus UK's singing workshop was warm and exciting. All these enthusiastic, smiling faces happy to help you find your place, locate your music and feel a part of something great. We sang Bohemian Rhapsody and it felt so good.

After the workshop I decided to join the choir and was relieved that auditions were not required at all :)

*What are your personal highlights being a part of Chorus UK?...*

The choir has given me so many opportunities having taken me to Amsterdam singing in the NoordKerk church, to being one of 33 singers in a backing choir for Russell Watson. This along with my wedding and honeymoon were my absolute highlights of that particular year. 

*Who leads the choir?...* 

Onto the guy that makes all of this magic happen is the choir's Musical Director, Andy Booth. I personally would be happy to turn up to rehearsals just to watch and listen to Andy play the piano so it's an absolute bonus to have him lead us all in singing together. We tackle all manner of songs arranged by Andy and have rehearsal CDs, mp3s and sheet music available to suit different learner styles. By the time concert day arrives we are all ready for the buzz of singing at Sheffield City Hall.

*How was your first performance?...* 

My first performance was so exciting. I loved every minute and yes I was a little bit scared at first but once on stage with Andy confidently smiling and a live orchestra up front you feel so, so good.

*What is your advice to others thinking about giving Chorus UK a go?...*

No prior experience is necessary so if you are sitting there as a professional, or someone who sings in the shower, or someone who doesn't even know whether or not they can sing, give it a go and be a part of something special.