Andy Booth Presents T&Cs


Any booking of Andy Booth Presents, Chorus Choirs, Sheffield Pops Orchestra, Andy Booth Music, FONO Productions, Jack's Tricks or any other FONO service requires a 15% deposit of the overall cost (unless stated differently on the particular item or negotiated, agreed and contracted by both parties) prior to booking, full payment must be received one business week prior to the event

Cancellation fees are:

  • up to four weeks before the event – loss of deposit only
  • two to four weeks - 35% plus loss of deposit
  • one to two weeks - 50% plus loss of deposit
  • one week and under - total fee


  • Lesson fees are £20 per 30 minute lesson
  • 48 hours notice of lesson cancellation must be given to the tutor or total fee is payable by pupil.


By completing the forms Chorus, Semi-Chorus, Kid's Chorus Pop up Chorus or ChorusUK Travel online fors for subscriptions, (including trips, events and functions), you commit to paying the specified amount - deposit, or full amount - and will be expected to pay this. 

  • All deposits or payments committed to are NON-REFUNDABLE (unless on more than one day excursions our advertised quota has not been met) or (unless other notice is given on the signing up form).
  • Exceptional circumstances only for refund may be considered if presented to Andy Booth Presents in writing.
  • All deposits are required by closing date of sign up otherwise your deposit will be sought and your name deleted from that subscription.
  • Upon the sign up process closing you are then 100% liable for the remainder of the fees quoted due to items being being reserved with other companies that don't offer refunds to us.


Fono Productions carries its own public liability insurance and PAT testing certificates. It in no way holds any responsibility for damages, loss of earnings, loss of belongings or personal property. Nor does Fono Productions have any liability with any other venue, company or person unless Fono Productions itself was at fault.

We reserve the right to photograph, sound record, video any production (complying fully with child safety laws etc) for our own promotional use only.